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Why Continuous Testing is a necessity?

DevOps implementation is incomplete without Continuous Testing. One of the major takeaways of a successful DevOps implementation is accelerated delivery. However, merely accelerating the rate of delivery is pointless without ensuring that the code is bug-free. The traditional QA processes cannot cope up with the speed in a typical Continuous Delivery environment. This makes a strong case for why it is imperative to continuously test the software to ensure its seamless flow from continuous development to the subsequent stage of continuous delivery.

Not only does it enable you to detect the potential errors/bugs in the early stages of your SDLC, but it also helps you in minimizing the time that you take for reviewing your code. It also brings about consistency in your standard testing process and when done right, it gives your developers and testers better visibility into the overall development process. Owing to all these reasons, you must seriously consider adopting Continuous Testing in your Application Development process if you already haven't.

DevOps Continuous testing services

Why Aspire for Continuous Testing

Aspire Systems' wide spectrum of DevOps Continuous Testing services can truly add value to your business and make a difference. Our team comprising of more than 550 Test Engineers and QA Experts tolerate no more than 3% average defect leakage ratio. We provide a highly efficient testing framework in AFTA where a new hyper-testing methodology is introduced which gives software professionals a 360° view of the entire testing process. Besides, we also offer DCqaf, an automation testing framework for the digital commerce arena to help organizations overcome the challenges in developing retail solutions.

Harnessing our solution, our customers can achieve uninterrupted delivery to production without compromising on the quality. We have in-depth expertise in over 20 tools like Selenium, Cucumber, QTP, Test Complete, Win Runner, Test Partner etc.

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