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Core Banking Capabilities


We help navigate banks through their core banking system selection process and provide techno-functional advice as per the bank’s needs.

Implementation and Upgrade

We help banks achieve core banking implementation in record time and with minimal implementation costs.

Migration and Maintenance

Across retail banks, commercial banks and other financial institutes, we help you migrate to a better performing core and support and maintain your financial ecosystem.

Aspire’s Expertise

15 Core Banking Implementations

4 Neobank Implementations

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Neobank in 90 days?

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In just 14 weeks, Australia’s Judo Bank goes live with a flexible core banking on Cloud

Aspire Systems helps Judo Bank, Australia’s first SME Bank goes live with a flexible core banking system, complemented by FCM, Temenos Analytics and channels in just 14 weeks

Cambodia’s latest specialized bank goes live with temenos t24 implementation swiftly

With the help of Aspire, SOS Bank in Cambodia goes live with their Temenos T24 Transact, a highly flexible core banking system, helping them to scale and bring products to the market much faster.

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