Selling the best product to the right customer has been every retailer’s ongoing battle and firms are striving hard to fulfil the dynamic expectations of their customers in this hyper connected world. Retail as a platform needs to build a cohesive experience across the value chain of Planning, Buying, Moving and Selling. This can only be fulfilled by an agile IT infrastructure for better service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Retail is no longer about a location or a channel but has become an extensive domain encompassing multiple services and each has its own set of challenges cumulatively resulting in a lack of integration across the entire ecosystem. This makes them rethink the end result of what they offer to their customers. These challenges not only result in disjointed business operations but also bad customer experiences. The following are the challenges faced by retailers:


Information silos

Storing all the information in silos tend to cause manual work and data discrepancy issues


Legacy system modernization

Often legacy systems are always vital and hard to replace but retailers find it difficult to integrate it with new digital system


Inconsistent Customer Experience

Retailers are not delivering consistent experience across devices and channels



Retailers today need an Omni channel Integration solution that unifies customer touchpoints for a consistent brand experience. AURAS is one such solution that builds a connected customer journey across online and offline channels with the following solution benefits.

Delivering Omni-channel Consistency

In order to make it easy for the customers, retailers initiated to sell their products in various channels such as mobile, websites, in-store etc. In most cases, the products in certain channels which are sold with maximum offers or better benefits are purchased more which results in stacking up of the products in the other channels. AURAS help the customer to overcome this inconsistency of products, promotions and rewards by delivering on the promise of Omni-channel Integration. This is benevolent for both the customer and the retailer since the customer can have an integrated experience irrespective of the channels and a balanced business for the retailers.

Connecting Legacy Systems with a Modern Architectural Solution

Maintaining legacy systems to store customer information and shopping history are often old and irreplaceable. The attempt to link these old data systems with the latest technology resulted in a chaos and expensive system maintenance, and delay in new business initiatives. AURAS help customers to establish a repository for integrating old information like legacy POS and extracting data whenever needed. This solution helps the customer not only have a common storehouse for all the processes,customer, and system data but also provides joined-up intelligence, to provide high quality feedback to both buying and selling departments.


Eliminating Data Silos through– Customer 360°

Each application uses different channels as a repository to store their customer data for future use. Unfortunately, each application handles their own data, rather than drawing from a common data source. This becomes a hindrance to effective business operations and impedes productivity. AURAS provide an integrated data-approach to get rid of data hoarding in a few channels alone. By doing this the retailer can have a holistic picture of all the customer data to provide a better customer experience.


Unifying the Fragmented Supply Chain and Inventory

Retailers who offer and supply various products use different channels,and logistics partners face duplication of inventory. This may end up in stocking up of the product in one channel and facing deficiency in the other channels. AURAS enable integrated processes across all channels,including social media, to provide a highly personalized and unified service to all customers and retailers.