A software’s functionalities can be cutting-edge, but will be doomed to fail if it capitulates under high loads. This is precisely why load and performance testing play an important role in every software’s development life cycle.

Aspire’s Performance Testing Framework (APTf) 2.0 leverages cutting-edge technology to provide game-changing solutions covering all aspects of software performance like speed, scalability, responsiveness and endurance with real-browser testing and simulation of real-world scenarios.

This webinar discusses provides a detailed perspective of APTf along with proven case studies of global enterprises benefiting from it.

Success Story

Using APTf 2.0, a top US-based Energy player improved speed, scalability and stability

Performance testing using APTf 2.0 helped the Energy giant achieve:

Resolution of performance-related issues with faster feedback

Total cost reduced by $5000/ year

90% effort reduced by automated smoke testing

Tuned system TCP/IP stack, load balancer, servers for performance.

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Benefits of APTf 2.0

Achieve 40% cost savings

50% reduction in Testing efforts

Detailed performance insights with customizable dashboards

Get started with Performance Testing accuracy in 4-6 hours.

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