Temenos Infinity Engage – Digital Front Office


Crack open the customer’s banking journey and provide top end solutions at every juncture. Aspire helps banks with the ultimate digital banking platform through Temenos Infinity Engage and ensures outstanding experiences always. With an extensive set of services, extend beyond the branch and enter into a new world of conversational banking.

Digital Front Office


Digital Front Office

Personalize the banking experience for the customer and dynamically analyze and identify opportunities for increased revenue and customer satisfaction, while reducing customer churn. With Aspire, create a one to one digital banking experience that facilitates super quick customer onboarding and efficient account origination across banking sectors.

Temenos Infinity Engage and Aspire Systems gives you a wonderfully packaged product suite.

Distribution Services

Drive new business models, increase banking agility and ensure a speedy time to market for apps through API driven Microservices.

Customer Acquisition, Onboarding and Origination

Gain customers through seamless and quick onboarding and create product experiences that exponentially increase satisfaction and revenue.

Omnichannel Banking

Experience each of the 125 out of the box features across channels and banking sectors in a single platform providing the best customer experience.

Client Servicing

Designed with the best practices, client servicing aims to drive efficiency for collection, recovery and ticketing processes at your digital bank. Now ensure fast interactions and customized solutions for account holders.

Customer Retention & Marketing

With real time analytics, drive engagement with customers through intelligent campaign management, personalized recommendations and much more.


Personal finance management is no longer a headache for your customers or advisors. Have an automated, ML based robo-advisor, integrated with your digital suite.

Digital Wealth

At Aspire, we help investment advisors and portfolio managers with an integrated and omnichannel banking solution through Temenos Infinity. With some efficient features like flexible portfolio modeling , comprehensive instrument coverage and unique configurability, Aspire looks to help you grow, digitize and scale up as and when you need.

With Aspire, let us help your investment managers with some great banking features

Have a state-of-the-art portfolio management for mass affluent and high net worth individuals

Provide portfolio advice on the go with 360° client views, relationship based pricing and much more

Enable digital collaboration with client risk profiling, secure messaging and much more

Setup goals for your clients match up with the best fir investment products

Deploy on premise or on cloud and go to market faster

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