Adopting the DevOps Culture with Temenos Continuous Deployment

With the threat of non-financial institutions luring customers away from the traditional banks, banks should understand the stakes, empower their architecture and core banking system to be agile and should be conscious of their time-to-market statistic. Benefits include cost efficiency, faster releases and higher performance.

Challenges without a DevOps Culture in Place

High Investments, Less Value

To keep track of concurrent releases

Slow Releases Hurting Customer Base

No Room for Scalability

The New Automated Environment to Build and Test Innovation in Hours

Temenos Continuous Deployment is a self-service driven environment where your developer teams can quickly develop, test and deploy change including configuration and extension code in an automated environment. You can create and provision production-like environments based on your bank's configuration. It allows a wide variety of automated testing and deployment of software changes from both your bank, from Temenos, in a regular and predictable way. With seamless integrations of releases into your configured environment, get ROI based results at a faster pace.

The Pros of adopting Temenos Continuous Deployment Environment

By Being Automation Enabled, you can

  • Provision your environment on cloud
  • Find defects within the system as early as possible
  • Pre-configure your environment based on your technology stack
  • Customize core banking system based on your banking services and needs

By on-boarding the Cloud Banking wagon, you

  • Get value for your investments with strong and positive ROI numbers.
  • Secure your data and applications.
  • Relieve yourself of any data dependencies with successful migrations.
  • Less spent on maintenance and more spent on innovation.

A concrete DevOps methodology, with clear transparency provides you with,

  • Clear Visibility in the pipeline
  • Automated solutions and pre-configured environments that allow you to customize and strategize.
  • Early testing cycles running in parallel with your development and configuration that allows for draining out of bugs.

Nearly 56% of defects can be defects can be removed with early-testing

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