Software Engineering

A SaaS Development Framework for Building Multi-Tenant Applications

Aspire has helped more than 50+ ISVs in building, optimizing and enhancing their SaaS applications. Our varied experience and knowledge has been preserved and transformed into a readily available SaaS application development platform, Techcello. Techcello can reduce development efforts and costs by at least 30%.

TechCello is an award winning SaaS Multi-Tenant Framework built exclusively to meet the typical SaaS needs of your business and product. It can be used to design, develop and manage the operations of your SaaS product. It has more than 30+ modules that can address various NFRs and operational needs of any SaaS application. This enables ISVs to cut down the cost of SaaS enablement significantly. Its plug and play model allows it to be easily integrated to any of the existing SaaS applications as well.

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