Automation of IT Operations Management

using ServiceNow® Orchestration

Automate your IT and Business Operations


Inability to track and monitor ROI
Tracking and computing tangible savings from tasks automation is a challenge.

Redundant Password Resets
Managing the quantity of password reset requests in the entire pipeline of IT service requests can be tedious.

Roadblocks in Client Software Distribution
Possible hindrances and delays between raising the request and receiving the client software by the users

ServiceNow Orchestration improves your productivity and accelerates business processes

  • View cost savings through ServiceNow՚s ROI Calculator
  • Achieve automation and self-service for resetting passwords.
  • Simplify the process and automate key tasks related to distribution

View cost savings through ServiceNow՚s ROI Calculator

The need to understand the impact of tasks automation on cost savings is indispensable for analysis and consequently, making informed business decisions. The ServiceNow Orchestration suite comes with an in-built ROI calculator that is built on ServiceNow Cost Management. It generates instant, out-of-the-box values pertaining to cost savings to leverage the benefits of automation from its initial phases. Through optimal configuration, various factors such as hourly rate for manual efforts to complete the task, the pre-defined rules to select tasks for evaluation and the time taken for evaluation can be obtained. On multiplying the cost utilized to perform tasks manually and the estimated number of times the task is automated for a particular time/date range, the savings is computed. The application also helps in identification and prioritization of the multiple tasks that are likely to be benefitted the most by means of automation, thereby adding more value.

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ServiceNow Orchestration

Achieve automation and self-service for resetting passwords.

Password resets constitute one big chunk of the redundant IT requests thereby adversely impacting the quantity of resources utilized to deal with them. ServiceNow Orchestration's Password Reset Application addresses this challenge and appreciably reduces the overall volume of the IT service requests by warranting the end users to reset their passwords by means of self-service. Equipped with different tools for tracking and troubleshooting password reset related activities, the application enables authorized users to view such activities, ensures compliance with the established security policies, and provides the platform to identify and be proactive about any possible security threats. The application is built in such a way that the functionalities broadly replicate the method of usage of password reset experience in consumer Internet applications. Apart from its optimization for active directories, it also supports custom credential stores and verification methods.

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Simplify the process and automate key tasks related to distribution

ServiceNow Orchestration's Client Software Distribution permits users to make requests for client software from a pre-defined service catalog. The application automates the various subsequent key processes and tasks that are directly involved in the process thereby accelerating the rate of distribution of software to the requestors' systems. The capabilities of the application are further leveraged since it can seamlessly integrate with different ServiceNow suites for various functions. Apart from its collaboration with ServiceNow IT Asset Management for managing the licenses, it also integrates with ServiceNow's service catalog for entitlements and also some specific software distribution engines such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for software deployment. The CSD dashboard provides the gist of requested items in the form of a visual report for instant viewing which saves time and adds more value.

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ServiceNow Orchestration

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