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Effective Demand Management
A plethora of complexities arises when managing and predicting the demand for products/services that can adversely impact the investment decision making.

Criticality of Multiple Projects
An environment of ambiguity persists when the statuses of multiple projects undertaken at a given time are desired to be viewed simultaneously.

Optimal Resource Management
Creation of resource plans, resource requests, analyzing the availability and utilization of resources in a dynamic environment is a challenge.

Leveraging powerful ServiceNow PPM solution

  • Centralize your business and IT requests to leverage demand management
  • View criticalities of all the current projects in a single snapshot from the dashboard
  • Achieve supreme management of available resources

Centralize your business and IT requests to leverage demand management

Since the strategic requests for services that are to be addressed come from various sources and channels, hardships arise in tracking, managing and predicting the demand for products/services. In such a scenario, ServiceNow's Project Portfolio Management utilizes Demand Management which comes to the rescue in such a scenario by centralizing the different strategic requests related to business and the IT, thereby streamlining the entire investment decision-making process for the new as well as improvising the existing products/services. The application is furnished with tools that can capture, centralize and assess operational and strategic demands. These tools help in better organization and consequently better prioritization of multiple demands, which in turn can be used to make well-informed decisions.

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ServiceNow Project Porfolio Management
ServiceNow PPM

View criticalities of all the current projects in a single snapshot from the dashboard

Manually analyzing the progress of multiple projects and determining their criticality can prove to be tedious and significantly time-consuming for portfolio managers. ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management suite consists of a Portfolio Manager dashboard which addresses this challenge by providing a dashboard setup constituted by different health color codes. It delivers a perspicuous solution to the aforementioned challenge and involves generating multiple graphical reports pertaining to the portfolios managed in a single, centralized location. The dashboard comes with 2 tabs: A Portfolio tab that consists of data regarding the current projects, current and the total open issues, risks, key milestones and the portfolio's demand pipeline. The second is a Portfolio Financial tab that displays reports related to the portfolio costs and budgets. The entire programs, demands and projects that constitute a part of the corresponding portfolio can also be accessed from this tab. By combining the operations of Grouping and Stacking, different reports can be generated which disclose different types of data.

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ServiceNow PPM

Achieve supreme management of available resources

Staffing costs can pile up to significant amounts in the IT budget due to the inaccurate, unreliable visibility on the capacity, allocations and availability of resources. The ServiceNow PPM's Resource Management Application, equipped with powerful tools, comes in handy to provide an efficient solution to this problem. Besides providing the platform to construct resource plans, staffing requests and assigning tasks to the respective people, the application also has the capability to generate real-time, accurate view of the availability of IT resources. It can also be integrated with ServiceNow IT Service Automation Suite that further harnesses the abilities of the Resource Management application by enabling it to yield a merged view of the staff capacities, allocations and availability for every ServiceNow application tracked work. Not only does this ensure that the resources are not over-burdened, but it also increases the extent of adherence of matching resources with the requirements.

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