Hybrid Cloud Management

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Orchestrating Hybrid Cloud Management


Dynamic Request Fulfilment
In enterprise hybrid cloud scenario, the ease at which requests and applications are provisioned across landscapes dynamically is a challenge.

Automating IT Processes
Hybrid cloud automation with resources mapped across a multitude of cloud providers is tedious and costly.

Managing Cloud Resources
Different resources sourced from different environments warrant individual care packages thereby increasing the enterprises opex.

ServiceNow is the ultimate one-stop solution for enterprises Hybrid Cloud Management

  • Orchestrate request fulfilment on the go
  • Improve IT process agility effortlessly
  • Secure hybrid environment management

Orchestrate Request Fulfilment on the go

With the Cloud computing boom, chaotic and ungoverned cloud infrastructure exists across private and public environments leading to significant resource challenges. This is compounded in a hybrid cloud infrastructure; procuring and running applications catering to specific needs in a specific environment can be tiresome. ServiceNow's Cloud Resource Catalog brings everything that an enterprise would need to get their hybrid cloud setup running. Upon selecting a registered service provider, the catalog allows the user to read through the service conditions, book a lease time and choose the necessary virtual resources, CMDB attributes etc. pertaining to that group. Once created, the setup appears as a menu in dashboard for immediate access anywhere, anytime. ServiceNow Discovery identifies cloud resources as well as the software components running on the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Servicenow Hybrid Cloud Management

Improve IT processes Agility effortlessly

With hybrid cloud management, the electronic process and paperwork pertaining to connecting resources across scenarios can prove to be a nightmare. ServiceNow's IT Operations Management framework aims to refine the entire structure by automating the necessary, yet tedious, IT processes in between. By automating the underlying transactions in Hybrid Cloud scenarios, enterprises cannot just put together a hybrid cloud setup in a jiffy, but also ensure due diligence and prompt communications with self-service control of cloud resources spanning public and private clouds between different parties without any process or operational violations. This flexibility feeds incredible agility into your working setup as the different project teams can have a greater view and control over their dedicated cloud resources.

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Servicenow Hybrid Cloud Management

Secure Hybrid Environment Management

For hybrid cloud services, perfect platform automation is just work half done. What follows through is a complex scenario where, at the end of every billing cycle, resources gets managed and accounted by several different means. ServiceNow integrates all of enterprises cloud instances under one blanket where different process and policies, from different providers, passes through a common pipeline to be delivered in a consolidated manner for the end user. The ease of use that ServiceNow platform offers not just improved clarity on what goes into enterprises Hybrid cloud budget but also improved security for every individual instance. ServiceNow's Lease Management also allows comprehensive lease management capabilities to automatically de-provision cloud resources when they are no longer necessary. At the end of it all, the platform also allows users to exhaust and retire their setup with great ease.

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Secure Hybrid Environment Management

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