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ServiceNow CSM Solutions:
Reliable, Modern and Effortless

Break free from the shackles of legacy customer service tools and embrace the future with ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) solutions. ServiceNow CSM implementation lets you seamlessly connect customers with the right teams, automate common requests and deploy powerful chatbots, freeing agents to concentrate on crucial tasks.


Challenges To
Smooth Customer Service Delivery

Slow service

90% of customers demand instant assistance, a survey found. So speed and quality support are of the essence


Departments working in isolation is never a good sign and for the customer that means explaining the same problem multiple times.

The missing
DIY plug

69% of consumers first try to resolve an issue on their own, but most businesses lack a self-service option or a knowledge base.

One solution
doesn’t fit all

A simple email doesn’t make the cut anymore. Consumers say offering multiple communication options is now a part of a good customer experience.

Two sides of the
data debacle

Gathering the right data to check if your strategy can prove an uphill task and sifting through immense piles of information can soon turn into a needle-in-a-haystack situation.

CSM Modules from ServiceNow:
What It Brings To The Table
aws advisory


Boost transparency by giving customers insights into pending cases and closed requests. Provide customers with a robust knowledge base to further enhance self-service.

aws cloud

Omni-channel support

Customers are spoiled for choices with a multitude of channels to reach agents. Easily organize requests from chat, email, apps, web, social media or phone calls and connect customers to front, middle and back-end teams.


Virtual agents

AI-powered chatbots quickly adopt the business’ language to provide customers with solutions at lightning speed.

cloud automation

Case management

Revamp case management by empowering agents with quick access to all the information they need. Easily identify high-priority tasks and use streamlined workflows to quickly resolve issues to avoid SLA violations.


Performance analytics

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights, packaged as handy reports. Uncover and anticipate trends to prioritize resources and handle spikes in orders and requests with ease.

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Aspire And ServiceNow Customer Service
Management: A Study In Success
  • About our client

Our California-headquartered client is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. Helpdesk inefficiency caused bottlenecks in the client’s business operations.

  • Aspire’s answer

A personalized ServiceNow CSM support portal with improved user interface.

  • Gains galore

30% drop in operational costs and resolution time
end users handled successfully
Minimal manual efforts with a dedicated customer support environment

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