Cloud Integration

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Cloud Integration with the On-Premise Ecosystem


Ensuring bi-directional Integration
A fully functional point-to-point cloud integration becomes more complex with collaboration across on-premise and cloud landscapes.

Securing assets on the cloud
Compromise of data or software resources would be the last thing an enterprise would want on their cloud implementation roadmap.

Quality Assurance till the last mile
The mark of a successful integration is in how well the setup holds together. Spoiler alert: It doesn't always.

ServiceNow ensures fast and effective Integration to the cloud

  • Orchestrate bi-directional data-level cloud integration efficiently
  • Monitor, administer and secure digital assets effectively
  • Continually improve integration with intelligent analytics

Orchestrate bi-directional data-level integration efficiently

Even for cloud-savvy markets of today, integration of legacy systems and conventional on-premise applications with cloud services seems like a mammoth task. In fact, one of the predominant problems that hinder active migration to cloud environments is the problems that enterprises end up encountering during the integration phase. ServiceNow's Cloud Implementation Platform offers rich APIs and tools that serve as a solid integration structure for a diverse range of enterprises' software and services. SNow's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) forms the base for the platform's dynamic interface that can be plugged with a wide range of enterprise management and collaboration tools. The widespread availability of ServiceNow resources across the market ensures faster and better way to convert operational expenses to business opportunities.

servicenow cloud integration
servicenow cloud integration

Monitor, administer and secure digital assets effectively

One of the rampant paranoias that grip enterprises is cloud security threats. The exclusivity that a private cloud implementation offers is not always cost-effective for business plans leaving businesses in a constant dilemma. For companies that decide to take the plunge and go through cloud integration, they often face pitfalls, and sometimes catastrophes, in creating the bi-directional link of their data and software assets between the landscapes. ServiceNow lets enterprises and solution partners to arrange the entire exercise with secure, automated workflows. The platform employs cutting-edge encryption techniques and quality assurance solutions, across access levels, to enable any enterprise to on-board their applications and solutions intact onto the cloud.

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servicenow cloud integration

Continually improve integration with intelligent analytics

In the world of rapid software advancements, enterprises know that integration is a constant, continuous activity; there is always some level to upgrade. For companies opting for cloud migration services, the job is only half done at the end of a successful cycle. There will always be a persistent need to analyse workflows, gather analytics, refine usage trends and ensure that the machinery works fine 24*7. ServiceNow Cloud Integration platform's extensive analytics ability and monitoring solutions helps enterprises to not just meet their goals but to keep exceeding them. The platform's solid administration and support structure will ensure that all the solution provider's SLAs are met- from a simple user account management to dynamic API analytics.

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