Digital portals improve customer experience by providing additional channels for communication, and access to real-time and accurate information. We help insurers develop self-service portals that help their customers, partners, producers or third-party providers manage their accounts in a way that is convenient to them.

Using our accelerator ACIA, we help develop portals that provide the following several benefits

Faster time-to-market

Integrations with third party applications

24x7 customer support

Customized solutions for each user

Increased customer base

Learning and feature upgrades

Case Study

A leading life insurer reduces partner onboarding time by 90%; number of partners onboarded increases 15x

Aspire developed a fully tailored partner portal with microservices architecture and integrated the same with multiple partners’ systems with customizable features. The portal helped reduce partner onboarding time from 4 months to 2 days, onboarded around 200 partners, validate millions of data records in less than a minute and achieve 97% underwriting automation

Our offerings


A digital portal that increases speed-to-market and provides superior customer experience solutions by providing access to real-time information about quotes, payments, policies, claims, and commissions.

Instant quote approval and generation



Quicker claims processing

AI/ML driven chatbot and voicebot

Personalized dashboards


AI-powered underwriting automation

ACIA can help you
go digital in
60 days!

Insurance Digital Platform

ACIA is integrated with platforms such as InsurEdge and that help in underwriting automation, policy administration, sales & distribution, claims management and gathering intelligence and analytics on claims and risks.


Platform for automating key business processes

AI-based framework for data discovery and analytics