Architect, Develop and Deploy

SaaS Applications on Cloud

We all know that SaaS is a volume business. To be cost effective SaaS companies need agility in every aspect right from development till operations. Cloud is the obvious choice because ISVs can

Build and manage all applications

Scale applications quickly and efficiently

Decrease cost by using open-source technologies

Provide speed and flexibility to deployment


Expand business footprint across geographies

Adopt a Cloud neutral SaaS Development framework that can be deployed in the public, private or hybrid cloud

Aspire’s multi-tenant SaaS development framework Techcello is a one-stop solution for all your Cloud-based SaaS requirements. It comes with an architecture that is completely cloud independent so that you will not handicapped with one cloud provider. The development process involves out of the box CI/CD options available to set up automated release pipelines.

Building a New SaaS Application?

Automate and Save 40%-50% of your SaaS development efforts

Techcello encompasses Architectural, Engineering, Business and Operational modules that can save 20%-30% on your monthly administration expenses.

Want State-of-the-art SaaS Architecture?

Migrate from on-premise to SaaS

Techcello provides ready to use SaaS architecture stacks and SaaS enablement blocks which can be consumed easily as services. The SaaS application can be implemented either as a single tenant application or as a complete multi-tenant application.

Need Optimal usage of Infrastructure?

Migrate your single tenant SaaS product to multi-tenant model

TechCello’s security architecture weaves in multi tenancy across all the layers of the existing product. Configurability features like business rules, custom fields, dynamic forms, etc. through which customizations can be achieved with simple configurations.

Modules Offered by Techcello

Modules Offered by Techcello

Cloud Components needed for SaaS Applications



  • Multi-Layered Security
  • Strong Access Control
  • Web Application Security
  • Data Security
  • Security Monitoring



  • On-demand Provisioning
  • Automation
  • Business Driven cost



  • Multi-regional Presence
  • In-built Redundancy for Storage Services
  • In-built High Availability for Infrastructure Services 99.5%+SLA



  • Auto Scale
  • Serverless Computing
  • Infinite Geographically Distributed storage
  • Big Data Computing

Why Aspire?


Years of expertise in developing high quality software products

15 +

Products Architected, developed and deployed on Azure and AWS cloud

80 +

SaaS products have been built ground up

50 +

companies have used Cello from start-ups to billion dollar companies


Product releases till date


strong team with product development expertise