Automating Shipment Process with RPA

This process automates the manual tasks linked with checking and shipping orders in a fulfilment operation thus, saving huge labor and shipment related costs. A single Automated Shipping Software can replace 15-20 manual checking and parcel manifesting stations.


Shipment Process Automation Challenges
  • Lack of visibility amongst various entities in the supply chain
  • Delay in extracting freight-related information from online portals
  • Obsolete technology
  • Higher lead time
  • Delay in responding to queries
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to late deliveries
  • Inability to trace the shipment on a regular basis
  • Reduced profitability

Shipment Process Automation workflow

Shipment Process Automation Workflow

RPA solution

RPA can automate the manual processes and save time as well as costs. It can extract shipment details from incoming emails, log jobs in your scheduling systems, and provide pick-up times in customer/carrier portals. RPA can integrate multiple systems to streamline processes. It can integrate with freight bill payment systems to automate the complete order-to-cash process for hundreds of large 3PL carriers. The software bot can automatically scan and capture carrier website data, track information and invoice amount too. It also helps in automating email communications taking place between the entities involved.

Shipment Process Automation Workflow RPA Solution

RPA Tools supported


Blue Prism



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