Automating Sales and Distribution with RPA

Sales and distribution include creation of sales scorecards and funnel reports to push notifications to agents. The agents oversee the compliance, legal, and the credit standing throughout the process.


  • Excessive dependence on manual labor
  • Time-consuming and error prone manual processes
  • Expensive and high-maintenance policy administration systems
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to late deliveries

RPA Solution

Robotic process automation in insurance can simplify the intimidating and rumbling task of sales and distribution in finance by deploying bots thereby eliminating human errors and allowing them to work on crucial innovative tasks. The perils of creating a plethora of sales scorecards and credit checks is negligible using automated assistants. RPA also helps enterprises in chalking out a workflow that ensures customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.

RPA Tools supported


Blue Prism



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How Intelligent Process Automation is Transforming the Insurance Industry

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