Product Development

“Continuous Delivery” helps ISVs keep the software deployable throughout the lifecycle, reduce the cycle time to get new features into production and help establish a feedback loop that can be used for perfecting the software, but it does not address productivity issues like complicated configurationmanagement, lack of remote access to developer workspace and poor collaboration due to desktop IDEs. Aspire’s cloud-based development process which is an essential element of “ProducteeringTM”, an approach to build great software consistently, focuses on minimizing the productivity issues thereby scaling continuous delivery on the cloud.


Continuous delivery helps organizations realize
• Higher ROI on IT
• Timely delivery
• Enhanced customer satisfaction
Continuous Delivery seems to be the way forward for organizations to enable frequent releases with good quality Testing is an integral part of continuous delivery and automating the right tests is the one of key components of continuous delivery/deployment. Aspire Systems with its strong experience in implementing and testing for varied customers can help organizations move towards continuous delivery and deployment confidently. Aspire Systems has helped customers go the continuous delivery path which has helped in reducing release cycle time and providing swift and actionable insights to your team to stay ahead in competition.

IT Infrastructure

The infrastructure must enable the CI/CD mode of working in an organization. A flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down any time depending on the requirement is the need to facilitate CD .Such an environment increases Confidence in build’s production readiness and helps reduce the release risk. Aspire's Infrastructure services provide such an environment by providing highly intelligent and contextual integrated Network Operations Centers (NoCs). They are customized to the clients need providing value by taking a unified approach to complete Infrastructure management.
Key Elements of our NoC:
•Remote Monitoring and Management
•Automation • Security •Analytics
•Technology Transformation

Aspire’s CSR Activities

Chennai Coastal Clean Up [ CCC ] – June 2015

We as a corporate participated along with Chennai corporation, to keep up the coastal areas of the city. We have been a regular participant for this activity, and this time we had more volunteers who had given their support to get this completed as per the guidelines.

About the Chennai Coastal Cleanup team

As a major boost for Chennai Coastal Cleanup team, Clean Chennai has come forward to work together with us in order to spread the message about solid waste management to a wider range of audience. Clean Chennai is an initiative of Chennai corporation to catalyze a city-wide shift in Chennai citizens attitude towards solid waste segregation & management. CCC6 is now part of the event calendar of Clean Chennai. The Chennai Trekking Club and Corporation of Chennai will be collaborating together to make the 6th edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup more impactful than ever before.