• SaaS has almost become the de-facto model of delivering software. ISVs have realized that just delivering the application functionality is not going to help them in running a successful SaaS business. You need to take a unified approach to build your application functionality in such a way that it’s easier to manage the business and operational aspects involved in a SaaS model. Aspire’s SaaS CoE focusses on providing the right guidance and strategic direction for customers to build state of the art next generation SaaS systems by leveraging or award winning SaaS framework.

  • We are in a world of Digital Transformation where every Business System is undergoing a transformation from being merely Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement. Mobility has an important role to play in this transformation not just being one of the elements of Digital Transformations but as the key reasons for Digital Transformation for most of the business Systems. Mobile CoE at Aspire aims to do the following:

  • 1. Effectively craft new business scenarios for customers which can become new revenue models.

  • 2. Help customers to increase user engagement by going Omni channel

  • 3. Provide disruptive solutions which makes them technology leaders.

1. How to integrate service Now & Solar winds NPM?

This integration provides closed- loop network management and IT process automation in a single point which automates service now incident creation and solarwinds alert acknowledgement . The integration of service now with solarwinds which is an enterprise monitoring solution (Highly capable and feasible) will help to automate things and reduce manual works which in turn saves time and cost.

2. Is profitability a myth in SaaS model?

With not many choices ISV s are forced to utilize Saas based model but one major concern is profitability. Few of the myths which are associated with this are high volume of customers, pricing, technically sound product, customization and payback period. While fine tuning the operation aspects of the companies are vital here Saas companies has to approach from business aspect as well.

3. Fast track big data adoption is an intelligent decision? why?

Today, Data management has transformed from important competency to a critical differentiator for different organization of all sizes where the value of Big Data had been realized. With Big Data bringing in strategic insight for decision makers, the adoption of big data strategies has to be improved if the efficiency of the big data to be fulfilled.

Aspire’s CSR Activities

Aspire Systems along with the Concern India Foundation, conducted Sports Activities for the underprivileged children, on the 31st of Jan 2015, at the SDAT Stadium Egmore.

Koodivilaiyadu – an Inter-NGO sports meet for the underprivileged children, an initiative of Concern India Foundation, is being organized by Secure Giving Chennai. This was an annual event of the Concern India Foundation and held across all branches pan-India. This year marked the 5th edition of Koodivilaiyadu in Chennai. About 400 underprivileged children from different NGOs around Chennai participated in this event. The Tamil Nadu Athletics Federation (TAF) also partnered in this event. Sports activities that were conducted included a wide array of athletic events like 100 meter race, 400 meters race, long jump, shot put, etc.