POS Testing - Enables 90% Automation Coverage

While automation can address most POS Testing challenges, 100% automation can’t be achieved due to a few limitations like scanning a bar code, swiping a card, pin-pad-entry, etc. Only cash payments and UI test cases can be supported by automation, which covers only 60% test cases, while 30% for any POS is EMV. To resolve this, Aspire has developed an innovative test automation solution that uses robotic arm for testing critical scenarios like EMV in a short time. Consequently, retailers can achieve 90% automation, which is a 30% boost.

Integrated POS, OMS and BOS testing for Effortless Order Fulfilment

Operational efficiency is the cornerstone of every retail business as it impacts customer experience, revenue, cost overheads and brand growth. This is why integration of POS, Warehouse Management System (WMS), Order Management System (OMS) and Back Office Server (BOS) is crucial and testing of these systems assumes critical significance.

Aspire’s testing expertise and unique methodologies have proven experience to ensure that such systems are made error-free with 100% test coverage.

Work We Have Done

DCqaf and iPOT helped a leading American Food Restaurant chain achieve 40% faster time-to-market

This customer was looking to automate their BVT (Build Verification Testing) and Regression test suites which were more than 1000 cases across their desktop POS (Point of Sale) applications, web and mobile (Android and iOS) application platforms. Aspire’s unified test automation solution - DCqaf(Digital Commerce quality automation framework) powered by AI & iPOT (Robotic Arm) to handle the payment action on EMV devices which helped them achieve following:

  • 90% reduction in regression routines
  • Testing time reduced from 230 hours to 25 hours
  • Detailed tracking of the script’s failure status using Machine learning dashboard
  • 88% reduction in testing time of EMV cases from 16 hours to 2 hours
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Automated Retail Testing Services
Automated Retail Testing Services

Unique Methodology used to help American Retailer's POS, OMS and BOS systems error-free with integrated E2E testing with 100% coverage to validate systems within a tight deadline

The customer wanted to optimize their business process to enhance customer experience and improve operational excellence by making their POS, OMS and BOS systems in their 350+ retail stores seamless. This required creation of more than 500 test cases for OMS and 300+ for POS and integration testing. Aspire's testing methodology using a unique integration document checklist was helpful to validate third party integration related scenarios and achieve a 100% test coverage to meet an urgent deadline.

This helped the customer achieve:

  • Identification and rectification of 120 POS defects and 50 OMS defects
  • Validation of all test cases within given timeline
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Automated Retail Testing Services

Benefits of POS Testing Automation Services

POS testing

Enhanced Coverage
Automates transactions of all credit/debit cards

POS testing

Continuous Automation
Scheduled triggers enable automation at night for uninterrupted manual POS Testing during day

POS testing

Enhanced Features
Allows signature, swipe, tap, insert and keypad entry for all credit card types

POS testing

Enables GUI-based status for each transaction minimizes human errors and improves scalability

POS testing

Integrated with DCqaf
Reduces implementation time

POS testing

Reduced Cost
Requires nominal maintenance thereby reducing the overall testing

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