Businesses must calculate the returns on all of their investments to make better decisions and a good ROI equation is important in the process. Migrating to Microservices and Cloud is known to give a competitive edge, but many organizations are hesitant to invest in them due to reservations about profitability. While popular calculators such as the Azure ROI Calculator and AWS ROI Calculator help predict cost of Cloud migration, the return on investment on microservices migration often gets excluded in the ROI formula of many companies.


After a lot of deliberation, we created a simple business ROI calculator for microservices migration. Our ROI formula takes into account:

  • Your needs for legacy application modernization

  • Your Cloud readiness

  • Constraints, and risks

Our ROI calculator not only gives you your Return on Investment, but also a detailed analysis of the benefits to a microservices migration.

Oh, also, it is completely free!

Our ROI Calculator will help you evaluate

Any need for legacy application modernization either immediately or in the future

Your Cloud readiness

Potential constraints and risks that you may face and mitigation recommendations

How soon will be you able to recover costs and make profits (aka your ROI)

The Process

We believe that this ROI calculator will help you evaluate your Return on Investment with accuracy and address the problems at hand with ease helping you realize your business goals!