Independent Testing Services

Testing as a Service

In line with cloud services, Testing as a Service (TaaS) creates a platform for on-demand testing with a consumption-based pricing model resulting in a win-win for the organization as well as the independent testing center. Businesses are in need of experts in the areas of cloud, mobile and agile testing to truly gain value out of this testing 3.0 service.

Aspire’s TaaS model enables the enterprise to have a powerful and flexible testing method without bearing any cost of owning a complete QA model. Our pay-per-usage approach also allows rapid provisioning and deprovisioning. Our team has gained the appreciation and trust of our customers with our rigorous and aggressive approach towards adopting newer technologies and realigning the focus as per the best practices in the industry. The primary areas of our TaaS offerings include:

  • Test Automation
  • Regression Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Performance Testing.

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