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Retail Test Automation

The overall E-Commerce industry around the globe is believed to have witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. As a result, software applications and shopping websites are profoundly changing with complicated operations and modes of service. Retailers can consistently update and improve their applications and meet aggressive go-live timelines only by speeding QA processes with robust automation testing solutions and frameworks that can sustain diverse applications and sites to expedite the time to market and address the business and functional challenges in developing retail solutions that includes:

  • Buy (Merchandising and Sales Audit)
  • Sell (POS, E-Comm, Mobile)
  • Move (Warehouse Management)
  • Plan (Financial Planning, Demand Forecasting, and Inventory)

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Digital Commerce quality automation framework - DCqaf

As forerunners in the industry, Aspire Systems understands the need for seamless retail applications and websites and help them to achieve quality by leveraging our best of intelligent Test Automation technology. Our versatile framework, DCqaf ensures that the end-to-end testing process is rigorous and accurate to suit every operation in retail helps developing retail solutions by supporting mobile devices, multi-thread and multi-browser capabilities thereby downsizing cross-browser testing complexities and providing agility to the software development cycle while mitigating costs. Some of the other key benefits of implementing DCqaf are:

  • Covers 60% of automation for both E-Commerce and POS testing
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Integration of Multi-Platform
  • Minimizing Testing Costs
  • Improving Reusability

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Digital Commerce quality automation framework

Robotic Arm Solution for POS Testing

Robotic Arm Solution for POS Testing

Our experts at Aspire Systems designed a Robotic Arm to meet all your expectations for testing a POS system in a shorter time and lesser effort. This Robotic Arm is a combination of several years of experience and expertise in solving automation challenges to ease the workload of testers. This arm is capable of swiping, inserting and tapping in the pin-pad and scanning bar codes and many more such advantages. This Robotic Arm makes manual testing redundant, enables faster time to market and can bring massive benefits in terms of ROI. Following are the main benefits:

  • Automation of EMV test cases
  • Ensures 90% Automation coverage
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