Go Digital in 60 Days with Temenos Infinity

Scale up, empower and engage with a digital-ready bank

What will be in the bag in 60 days?

Digital Wallets
Customer Onboarding
Personal Finance Management
Personalized Recommendations
Smarter Finance
Instant Payments
Marketplace Integrations

Temenos Infinity will streamline processes, while enabling the bank to provide frictionless, differentiated member experiences across mobile and online channels. This will allow the bank to enhance engagement with members, improve money management and roll out new capabilities tailored to the needs of its customers.

How Temenos Infinity can transform your digital banking?

  • Unified Experience across silos
  • Single customer view
  • Supported by the power of Temenos SaaS technology
  • Compete on equal terms with Challenger banks
  • Engage prospects and customers from acquisition, through omnichannel banking, and long-term retention
  • Core independent
  • Product flexibility and fast approvals mean success for loan origination
  • Marketing analytics and upsell
  • Self-onboarding of customers

One-stop-shop for end-to-end banking technology services

Provide exceptional customer experience and enhance your banking needs with an extensive suite of services that help manage front, middle and back office operations effortlessly powered by intelligent implementations.


With Aspire as your implementation & Service partner

  • Fully customize your app suite
  • Obtain actionable intelligence from real-time analytics
  • Easily integrate with other applications
  • Seamlessly upgrade to latest digital banking trends
  • Take your digital bank quickly to market

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Go Digital in 60 Days with Temenos Infinity