Go Digital in 60 Days with Temenos Infinity Engage (formerly Kony DBX)

Scale up, empower and engage with a digital ready bank ASAP

For banks and credit unions to build a new digital banking platform on time and stay ahead of competition, Aspire has the right mix of business and technology experts for rocket speed digital banking go lives

What is Temenos Infinity Engage (formerly KONY DBX App Suite)?

Temenos Infinity Engage is a set of omnichannel banking applications built on digital platform providing banking solutions, tailored to the needs of retail banking, business banking, digital payments, loan origination, customer onboarding and much more. With these pre-built applications, banks can accerlerate their solutions to market faster through the perfect implementation partner and can provide an anytime, anywhere experience for the customer.

Aspire Systems – The Perfect Implementation & Service Partner

Aspire Systems, a pioneer in the digital banking space, goes beyond the role of an digital implementation partner. Aspire Systems through design thinking and a comprehensive, detailed, data based analysis understands and provides solutions on generating incremental cash and customer flows. At Aspire, we also ensure that we align strategies with the bank’s business goals, ensuring the positive path forward.

Digital Wallets
Smarter Finance
Personal Finance Management
Personalized Recommendations
Instant Payments
3rd Party Integrations

With Aspire Systems as your implementation & Service partner

  • Fully customize your app suite
  • Obtain actionable intelligence from real time analytics
  • Easily integrate with other applications
  • Seamlessly upgrade to latest digital banking trends
  • Take your digital bank quickly to market
  • Enjoy digital banking go lives within 60 days

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Go Digital in 60 Days with Temenos Infinity Engage