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B2B Integration

One of the biggest concerns that traditional companies face is the quality of inter-company communication that affect the movement of documents such as purchase orders and invoices. The increased number of trading partners in a larger global trading community landscape only led to further complication. The need of the hour is not only immediate business data exchange but a scalable and agile solution that can respond in real-time to growing business demands and support new communication protocols in line with changing regulatory mandates.. EDI offers the structured transmission of electronic data from one system to another based on certain standards and communication protocols like ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and HL7 standards.

As your business grows, it’s important that you find the right B2B EDI solutions partner that will help you scale your business in the right direction with seamless business partner connectivity to achieve the desired ROI.

API-Led Connectivity

Today, faster time to market is an important catalyst in the success of any business. An API-led connectivity approach creates the modern B2B EDI solution that helps organizations to achieve business agility. By realizing an API-led connectivity and EDI, companies can monitor and control data both on-premises and cloud thereby increasing developer productivity and allowing greater operational visibility with reduced integration costs.

Managing Trading Partnership

Businesses are evolving around complex technological advancements that experiences constant innovation and growth through trading partners. To increase the number of onboard trading partners, you need a strong and secure B2B EDI integration infrastructure that can operate across the ecosystem of your customers, suppliers, logistics providers, banks and trading partners to perform various functions such as set up and configure trading partner profiles, approve business processes, communication protocols, data formats, and security parameters. In essence, empower your business trading partnerships with a consolidated technology platform!

B2B Agility & Scalability

With B2B EDI integration, reliable performance is critical: there is a high standard of compliance in maintaining accuracy of data, more so, with less manual intervention. For businesses that perform high volumes of EDI transactions, incorporating the right EDI integration solution enables robust support for data transfer options. Moreover, EDI integration tools offers proactively handling of issues that will help you save time in reworking on orders with real time tracking of critical business data to achieve improved cash flow and reduced order to cash cycles.

Healthcare Integration Services - HL7

Multiple vendor products incompatibility has become serious concern in the healthcare landscape mainly because of their ignorance towards HL7 standards. To enable smooth interoperability of healthcare services, hospitals and healthcare systems must focus on integrating HL7 standards with enterprise systems. Aspire’s enterprise integration experts develop comprehensive HL7 interfaces conforming to the required standards, specifications and formats by aligning to the core healthcare application requirements. Our HL7 integration services include designing HL7 messaging, developing HL7 integration engine and HL7 interface development.


Our Key Service Offerings


Consulting Services

  • Traditional B2B/ EDI Management
  • B2B/ EDI Strategy and Consultation
  • Integration & Re-Engineering


Implementation Services

  • Trading Partner Management
  • Solution on all industry specific standards (X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet and Tradacoms)
  • Support trading partner communications — AS2 (Drummond certified), FTP/Secure FTP, or Web Services using SOAP or HTML

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