Enterprise Solutions

AMCS (Aspire’s Merchandising Cloud Solution)

Retailers multi-task with multiple products in order to provide their shoppers a seamless shopping experience. Handling multiple products is a challenge for retailers, and they are on the lookout for a single integrated solution that can handle all the aspects of their store and business. Customer engagement can be amplified with a robust phygital solution that can maximize Retailer efficiency across stores and channels.


  • Managing multiple complex Retail applications right from procurement to sales and financial accounting
  • Payment mapping, vendor management and merchandising are difficult while using multiple products across on-premise and cloud
  • Maintaining cross-channel planning of accurate merchandise and customer information
  • Managing targeted promotions, discounts and loyalty programs with an integrated solution

Aspire has been providing services in the retail sector for the past decade and across the globe. We provide the best-in-class Retail Accelerator built on top of Oracle Fusion that encompasses all the aspects including merchandise planning, inventory management, customer engagement, Omni-channel features, responsive websites, gaining customer insights and even critical reports are generated.


  • Manage the whole Retail lifecycle from procurement, sales and financial accounting cutting down cost by 40% with a single accelerator
  • Offers insights into end-to-end merchandizing: Locational and vendor data, purchase orders, sales audit and stock ledger
  • 360 degree view of customer insights are gained for targeted promotions, discounts and loyalty programs.