Drive Innovation with WSO2

Digital Transformation Simplified with Open Source Integration Platform

Simplify your enterprise IT landscape with WSO2, a powerful & 100% open source integration platform which helps you connect your data between legacy systems, SaaS applications, APIs and the IOT ecosystem.

Being the trusted partner of WSO2, Aspire Systems has helped many enterprises in driving their digital business including technology and architecture initiatives. We provide Consulting, Implementation & Support expertise in Integration, API Management, Identity & Access Management, Analytics and IOT.

WSO2 Preferred Partner

Enable a Connected Business with WSO2

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

System Integration

From strategy to realization, we build a connected enterprise by integrating the systems using WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

WSO2 API Manager

API Management

We leverage the value of a dynamic digital ecosystem to connect assets for faster time-to-market & improved user experience; we enable & manage application interfaces through WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

We help build a robust security for an enterprise by using WSO2 Identity Authentication protocols without compromising on usability & customer experience

WSO2 Analytics


With WSO2 Analytics, we help enterprises to make faster and more informed decisions, improve customer experience & stay ahead of the competition

WSO2 IOT server


We help enterprises drive their IOT initiatives by providing strategies on architectural approach, establish device integration & process data for predictions using WSO2 IOT servers

WSO2 Cloud


We ensure enterprises leverage their WSO2 private & public cloud capabilities by establishing a single repository for code management, issue tracking, team coordination and access control

Accelerate your WSO2 implementation

To beat complexity & improve efficiency, Aspire has developed AURAS (Aspire Unified Reference Architecture) - a solution accelerator for WSO2.

AURAS is built using industry best practices, design patterns, reusable components & various out-of-the-box integration capabilities which eliminates 20-30% of the entire project cycle.


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