Social media is fully integrated into our systems, data and analytics.

We have a central organization unit which defines social media guidelines.

We have a full-fledged operating model, formal roles and responsibilities and a strong response process in place to support social media activities.

We have an in house team to take care of social media activities(customer care, feedback and customer engagement)

Social media engagement is one of the performance measure for our leadership team.


Our organization systematically tracks all customer segments and acts upon all customer interactions across all channels

Our Organization succesfully presents a consistent brand image across multiple digital channels.

Our organization experiments with new forms of digital marketing for customer engagement.

Our Organization successfully delivers superior customer service across digital touchpoints.

Our vendor community is part of the digital ecosystem.

Our executive level extensively relies on analytics to support all critical operationaland business decisions.

Our management provides sufficient budget & inclination towards developing and maintaining an ecosystem to support analytics.

Our systems are enabled with automated decision making & prescriptive capabilities.

We have a matured data landscape to ensure integrity & security of data.

We have a robust data architecture that is scalable to meet the current and future business needs.

We believe in 'Mobile first business' where all core business capabilities are implemented via mobility.

We serve our customers across all mobile platforms (IOS, Android, Windows)

We have wide capabilities to build apps (mobile web app, cross platform to native development frameworks).

We have leveraged on the latest mobile features to reach out to customers (Social media integration, location based services, m-commerce capabilities, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Connected Services- IOT).

We encourage and recognize mobile initiatives (like future plans for mobility, update frequency, enterprise mobility & BYOD programs).

Our infrastructure budget has come down because of cloud implementation.

Most of our enterprise applications are on cloud.

We have a dedicated team to manage our devops and cloud implentation.

We have omni-presence capabilities to access information with cloud computing capabilities and services.

Our management has a roadmap guiding key IT investments that consider implications of cloud computing.