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EDI/ B2B Integration Services & Solutions

Engage, enrich, and evolve your trading partner network

Reinventing the B2B ecosystem in the digital age

Aspire boosts your ability to integrate business processes with new and existing B2B Trading Partners to unearth hidden opportunities and maximize partnership outcomes. We give you total control over the electronic data that moves one system to another by synchronizing and automating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) workflows. Our EDI/ B2B Integration Services are based on the highest communication protocols like ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and HL7 standards.

Aspire also has the expertise to help you re-engineer existing EDI implementations in line with industry best practices. We make your EDI systems agile, cost-efficient, and highly dependable.  

Making EDI integration count where it matters

Cost reduction across the border

Eliminate the cost of managing customers, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, and other partners through manual touchpoints with a consolidated technology platform.

Operational agility and scalability

Connect any number of systems and applications and proactively tackle operational issues with shared administrative interfaces and infrastructure.

Cleaner and smarter data

Validate data fields against your business rules in real-time and ensure that the information passed through the network is always accurate and accessible.

Faster partner onboarding mechanism

Grow your trading partner network by automating partner onboarding processes with stringent role-based authentication protocols.

Modernize your EDI/ B2B integration with Aspire if you are looking to

Improve the quality of inter-company communication that affects the movement of business-critical documents to eliminate reworking orders and achieve better cash flow.

Create B2B EDI integration workflows for performing various functions such as set up and configure trading partner profiles, and approve business processes,

Automate compliance with regulatory standards by assigning effective communication protocols, data formats, data transfer options, and security parameters.

Strengthen the self-service capabilities of partners to empower users to track, verify, and manage the flow of information in the ecosystem.

Integrate your applications, systems, data and more to help your enterprise move a step closer towards holistic digital transformation.

Increase the reach and reliability of trading partners

Cost and complexity of communication

We ensure accurate and rapid exchange of information between partner systems - no matter the nature or volume of B2B transactions. Consolidate communication gateways, with real-time visibility and robust governance.

Poorly-managed or stagnant trading relationships

We spruce up how you communicate and collaborate with trading partners so that you can make those relationships as profitable and long-lasting as possible. Utilize simple-to-use web interfaces to take your partnership to the speed of the modern marketplace.

Disparate availability of business insights

We offer a centralized view of all your B2B processes and give you actionable intelligence to do smarter, quicker, and better business. Be more responsive in catering to the needs of your partners and speed up your order-to-delivery cycle times.

Our EDI/ B2B Integration Service & Solution Offerings

B2B Integration Consulting Services
  • B2B API integration
  • B2B partner onboarding
  • B2B Integration Architecture
  • B2B integration strategy
B2B Integration Implementation Services
  • Trading Partner Management
  • Solution on all industry specific standards (X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet and Tradacoms)
  • Support trading partner communications - AS2 (Drummond certified), FTP/Secure FTP, or Web Services using SOAP or HTML
Managed Services
  • B2B Managed Services

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