New Age Offerings

To cope up with the advanced, modern day business and functional challenges of DevOps, we offer Next Gen DevOps offerings. Our Next Gen offerings suite comprises of CloudOps, Microservices and DevOps, Containerization and DevOps Pipeline Automation.


CloudOps merges the entities of agility from DevOps and scalability from Cloud to achieve digital transformation. The core of CloudOps revolves around continuous cloud operations which are utilized by the critical applications that run the business. The Cloud brings some extremely beneficial features to the table that interests many organizations towards it. Some of them include enhanced scalability, flexibility with geographies, automation of redundant tasks, unified platforms, self-healing abilities etc.

Leveraging our years of experience dealing with cloud-based technologies and DevOps expertise, we offer CloudOps implementation services. We can help your organization to seamlessly implement a continuous integration and delivery model on the cloud that would assist you in achieving your business goals. We will adhere to the industry best practices during the implementation and we also offer support services.


Containerization is an effective technology that simplifies DevOps and helps you to run your software reliably when it is transferred from one environment to another. Apart from the fact that containers can run on the host's OS, its other benefits include its operational feasibility on the cloud, better portability, version control, better cost-effectiveness than VMs etc.

Successful adoption of containers is an uphill task. It is that way because you cannot simply apply the same process, procedures and the knowledge base as that of VM lifecycle management as there is a significant difference between them. Hence choosing the right service provider for your container adoption is crucial. Our experts at Aspire Systems have expertise in leading containerization tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Apache Mesos, and other such tools. We also enable our customers to run complex DevOps operations through containerization effortlessly.

Microservices and DevOps

The principles of Microservices and DevOps intertwine and embrace each other in various aspects such as enhanced scalability, deployability, reliability, decentralization, accelerated time to market, etc. This collaboration results in enhanced business functionalities and proves that augmenting Microservices with a DevOps-centric approach is the key to tackle many commonly faced challenges.

Our Solution Experts at Aspire Systems bring the best out of both the technologies and channel them meticulously to help you achieve your business goals.

DevOps Pipeline Automation

"Automate whenever and wherever possible" is the mantra of DevOps. The crux of DevOps pipeline automation looks beyond that and fosters the orchestration of the whole structure starting right from building, deploying and all the way till monitoring to function as one big chunk of the project model.

Our service offerings at Aspire do not stop at merely automating the individual processes, but we also orchestrate end-to-end DevOps pipelines based on the customer requirements. We have devised a templated approach that we use for our DevOps pipeline automation; this templated approach helps our customers to adopt the right tools, methodologies and best practices from the industry. Our templated approach begins from consulting, through all the phases of the SDLC and delivers the best level of support post implementation. Overall, Aspire has been a one-stop-shop DevOps partner for Fortune 500 enterprises and ISVs across the globe.

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