Build and Release Management (CI/CD)

Need for effective Build and Release Management (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have revamped release management’s role in software development. The advent of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery services has drastically changed many of the aspects involved in the release cycle. While it is beyond doubt that it has revised the way software is developed, it has also made the role more burdensome in the process. For instance, a modern Release Manager now has additional responsibilities to manage the incorporation of CI/CD in the release cycles.  Some of them include dealing with the operational side of things, collaboration with the other associated teams to an extent (as Continuous Delivery controls the speed of releases), making strategic decisions on software product releases etc.  So, an effective Release Management process in DevOps is crucial for any organization to stay ahead of the competitors in today’s modern agile world.

Why partner with Aspire?

At Aspire Systems, our DevOps Release Management experts can analyze your environment and work accordingly to make sure that optimum Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices are in place. Irrespective of whether your DevOps build and release environment needs only some minor amendments or a complete overhaul or anything in-between, we can get it done for you. Our services include an extensive array of offerings including Readiness Assessment, CI/CD Pipeline Tool Selection, Implementation, Configuration Management etc. We have extensive experience in working with tools like Jenkins, GitLab, TeamCity, Codeship, Bamboo etc.

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