For Temenos Digital Banking Channels

Give customers the control to personalize their own digital banking experiences

Deliver customized banking experiences to users of all ages with a smart digital banking interface

The Growing Problem of Stale User Experiences in Banking

Banks in retail business offer one common display to a variety of customers irrespective of age, gender and preferences. Every customer is different and in the retail business the impact is larger. In such cases, chances are high where customers will continue to get frustrated when the digital banking experience is not engaging enough.

“Improving customer experience increase customers likelihood
to renew or buy new products by between 30-50%.” – McKinsey

What is DYOB?

Design Your Own Digital Bank, shortly called DYOB, simplifies digital banking for your customers. Convert digital banking products into widgets and allow customers to drag, drop and place them on their dashboard. From colors and fonts that provide usability appeal to the functionalities needed for financial interactions, DYOB is engineered for challenger banks to provide on demand user experiences. No more switching between multiple sections inside a digital bank.

Transform products into widgets
Modify visual components
Add New Generation security mechanism
Support Quicker Money Transfers
Deliver AI-enabled interactions
Integrate third party fintech application

With DYOB, you can

  • Offer On-demand personalized UX
  • Increase digital banking usage
  • Support smarter decision making

Personalize Your Digital Banking Experiences with DYOB

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