Data and Analytics

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprises today need robust data management solutions to manage the high volumes of data coming in at high speed every single day. We at Aspire Systems help organizations to succeed by prioritizing an analytics-approach in enterprise data management architecture to solve problems, enhance their functions and find new revenue streams. Our data scientists can collect all your internal & external data and make sense of the Big Data puzzle using advanced enterprise data management tools to deliver organizational efficiency.

We know that having useful and accurate data is key to enterprise data quality and we ensure our clients have the right enterprise data management plan that supports employees with data assets they trust. Our experts can serve your tactical and strategic business needs by identifying the ideal enterprise data management technologies to help you attain digital maturity.

Aspire can help you:

  • Build powerful next-gen enterprise data management framework
  • Create scalable enterprise data management strategy that align with business needs ​
  • Assemble data & technology roadmap to unleash power of analytics ​
  • Extract ROI at every stage of enterprise data management maturity model implementation ​
  • Develop robust QA and QC practices for smooth integration into existing or legacy systems
  • With certified data scientists available to provide 24*7 onsite and remote support
Data Quality & Data Governance

Reap the benefits of an enriched Big Data value chain by framing superior data policies for collecting, storing, integrating and accessing data assets. Establish a single source of truth to make process improvements and strategic business decisions. Enjoy accurate, high-quality data with strong enterprise data governance strategy.

Key aspects stressed by Aspire are:

  • Data Acquisition​
  • Data Wrangling​
  • Data Availability​
  • Data Cleansing​
  • Data Remediation

Technology/ Tool Portfolio: Amazon s3 and redshift, Data stage information analyser, Datastage, Hadoop, Informatica Batch & Realtime, Informatica ZDT (Zero Down Time), Java, Kafka, Mainframe (Legacy) Oracle Coherence, No SQL (MySQL, Postgress, Mongodb), Oracle Golden Gate, Python, Real Application Clusters, Spark.

Data Integration

A key component of managing enterprise data is effective integration solutions that turn raw data into data assets. Data is growing exponentially across various systems in an organization and we can help you connect the thousands of data points to derive meaningful information that can be used for wider organizational consumption. We at Aspire are experts at conceiving, strategizing and implementing robust integration platforms and services as below:

  • Data Provisioning​
  • Data Migration (ETL)​
  • Data Warehousing​
  • Data Mart​
  • In Memory Data Bases​
  • Data Modelling​
  • Data Migration

Technology/ Tool Portfolio: Amazon Redshift, Datastage, DB2 DW, Hadoop Data Lake, Informatica, Oracle DW, SQL Server, Teradata.

Data Integration Consulting Services

Master Data Management

Enterprises need data that is consistent, correct & complete; and we at Aspire can deliver that using our innovative Master Data Management strategies. Experience the benefits of enterprise data management as the right MDM approach puts in place a practical business process system to create, share, manage and share master data across the organization with ease.

  • Our data experts are adept at implementing the tenets of MDM:​
  • Identify KBEs and Establish Minimum Data Requirements​
  • Data Survivorship​
  • Data Reconciliation​
  • Data Enrichment​
  • Single Version of Truth

Technology/ Tool Portfolio: Informatica MDM

Master Data Management Services

Data Security

An organization can experience the real value of data only when they can store and use it securely. Aspire can ensure your sensitive data is kept private and bring forth strong data stewardship to not only secure data-at-rest but also secure data-in-motion. Our robust enterprise data warehouse techniques can establish successful data storage and protection. Aspire’s data security experts provide techno-functional consulting and implementation services by building secure data frameworks in line with your business operations. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Risk Data Aggregation ​
  • GDPR ​
  • Separation of duties
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Availability

Technology/ Tool Portfolio: Amazon s3 and redshift, Data Stage, Informatica, Informatica ZDT (Zero Down Time), Oracle Coherence, Oracle Golden Gate, Real Application Clusters.


Meta Data Management

Managing your data is important, but it is just as important to manage the data about your data- the meta data. Discover, understand, track and assess data with our meta data solutions. We can help you build a powerful foundation of active meta data to integrate your business and IT users together. Meta data helps in successful management of an enterprise’s data platforms. Aspire’s data experts can aid organizations in suggesting relevant meta data management strategies and implementing apt data discovery tools.

  • Data Discovery- Key Business Elements ​
  • Data Discovery Strategy

Technology/ Tool Portfolio: Elastic Search, SOLR.


Enterprise Data Analytics

Enterprises taking a data-powered approach are significantly outperforming their competitors. Aspire can guide organizations to apply the right enterprise data management, data engineering and data strategies to align their business architecture to realize their goals. Our enterprise data analytics solutions will help organizations use AI/ ML to wade through the data maze and unlock new paths. Our data analytics services include:

  • Data Exploration ​
  • Model Building ​
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Change Analytics Process ​
  • Collaborative filtering ​
  • RFM Analysis ​
  • Customer segmentation ​
  • Data Visualization

Technology/ Tool Portfolio: Hadoop Data Lake, Hive, PowerBI, Pyspark, Python, Python (Matplotlib), Python (Sci-kit learn), R, SAS, Spark, Tableau.


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