Data and Analytics

Data science

Complex business problems require not only engineering expertise, but also an understanding of the data lying beneath and how it impacts business performance. Our data scientists specialize in unearthing variables in the data that affect an outcome and together with our Big Data engineers bring a holistic solution to our customers using engineering and statistical analysis capabilities.

Our data scientists are experts in a variety of econometric, machine learning, and operations research techniques used in both predictive modeling and behavioral modeling. Solutions include a wide array of areas that include pricing, forecasting, text mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Pattern Recognition Algorithms etc.

Our data scientists develop predictive models using best practices around machine learning algorithms and cross-validation methods to break through the noise in big data, pinpoint important variables, and deliver accurate predictions of market outcomes.

Our data scientists have expertise in developing Market Basket Analysis on your products that will help you to identify the optimum menu / offering that will help not only to retain your customers, but also to cross-sell/ up sell to your customers to increase revenues and maximize your margins.

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