Data and Analytics

Dashboards & Data Visualization

Unlocking the value of data is the key. “C” level executives and data officers are constantly looking to monetize data to upsell and cross sell to their customers. It is extremely important that when data is presented to the key executives, it is presented in an easily understandable method and enable them to explore and analyze data, while being aesthetically appealing.

Our data architects work with you from extracting data from source to visually representing using tools such as Micro Strategy, SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, ClickView etc…

Aspire’s data architects and data scientists help you to:

  • Extract and cleanse data to develop visual dashboards
  • Filter / eliminate data that is not required for your analysis
  • Develop multi-dimensional models for a quick “What Is” and “What If” analysis
  • Mine data to discover trends, patterns, insights etc.

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