There are several online and offline channels that impact customer's perception of an organization, product or service.

Customer engagement, why is it business-critical?

A successful product

Developing customer base

Improving customer satisfaction

High customer retention

Key takeaways:

Significance of Usage Analytics for B2B software

Role of customers in the disruptive market space

Ways to drive positive feedback to the user base

Customer satisfaction metrics that need to be considered

Tools that is worth the investment for product companies

Watch interesting tipoffs given by the industry thought leaders,
Jeffery Carter (Right) CTO, Benobe LLC,
Randal Brous (Left) CTO, MPulse Software Inc,

exclusively on customer engagement.

How important is customer engagement in digital product engineering
When to enhance your product lines based on market needs?
Engaging customers while developing new products

Where companies are failing with regards to providing continuous customer engagement
Managing negative feedback from customers
How are your products affecting customer engagement?

Various factors a CTO should look into to improve customer experience
Tools and technologies you should use to constantly engage customers