Company Overview

T&D 24

Our attention to learning and development is through T&D 24, a program that requires every Aspirian to take a minimum of 24 hours of training every year. This is in line with our culture on inclusive learning and our focus / efforts towards employee’s career growth in terms of knowledge and skills.


Our attention to the holistic development of our team and providing them wide exposure is through our program called iGain. Opportunities for mini-projects across the company in various areas such as Advanced Technology, marketing research, and contributing to our pre-sales process are shared in our intranet. Aspirians interested in any activity can contact the respective manager to play a role in that opportunity, hence enhancing their abilities outside the project and making a meaningful difference to the organization.


We know our Employees’ Pulse We send an email to all Aspirians across the company every month to understand their experience on the job over the past month. Aspirians respond with Green, Amber or Red in the subject line, taking just a few seconds of their time.

This is administrated through votes. Their assigned HR Partner and any other relevant managers immediately discuss with the respective person who has raised a Red and aim to resolve the issue proactively.This is one mechanism by which we pay attention to the pulse of our team on a constant basis.Vote your feedback with one of the below rating.


Each Aspirian has an identified partner in HR who serves as a secondary point of contact, apart from their manager, for any discussion on career progression and other aspects.


It is an initiative for Aspirians for counselling and aims at fostering an inspiring work-life balance.Personal well-being always has an impact on how an employee performs within the organisation.No matter how a person is, there is always a possibility of carrying the burdens of personal life even when it comes to work. Aspirians can vent out all their worries and make use of their own potential and resources. A corporate counselling channel at Aspire chaired by renowned counsellor Ms. Radha Subramanian, Mind Spa helps Aspirians to achieve better work-life balance, personal adjustments and growth by making use of their own potential and resources.


Oval rings

Our attention to the physical well-being of Aspirians is addressed by Oval Rings. Oval Rings is our sports club composed of Aspirians who organise various indoor and outdoor sports activities. They take the effort to pull together games and activities that engage the Aspirians throughout the year.

Da vinci

Our attention to the emotional well-being of Aspirians is addressed by Da Vinci. Da Vinci is our arts club composed of Aspirians skilled in music, dance, drama and other forms of entertainment. They take the effort to pull together shows that entertain the rest of us during festive occasions.