Regardless of the size of your company, it is totally valuable to calculate cloud ROI to predict success and make business decisions in future. Understand the worth of money before investing so as to make wise investments in area of profits by calculating your ROI. There are few tools available in public to calculate total cost of ownership and return on investments like the AWS ROI calculator, Azure ROI calculator, etc. Likewise, we have developed an exclusive tool to evaluate your business value and provide helpful solutions to improve it.

Our tool will help you to estimate the expected return on investment (ROI) in no time with the right comparison of life cycle expenditures. The tool helps you make some dynamic analysis to understand your business value.

The Cloud ROI calculator gives you details that help you to

Determine how cloud-ready your company is and brings you insights about moving applications to cloud without affecting your business

Identify the necessary potential areas of improvement in your architecture as we help you validate your design. While enhancing the development areas, it is important to focus on risks and compliance

Predict nearly every security facet of infrastructure. It helps you to self-audit and check for adherence to standards

Detect risks in terms of budget, timeframe and documentation with which we can provide some useful recommendation to mitigate them

Find out where you are positioned through our assessment and make the right decisions
on investments.

Assessment Details

  • Provide business details
  • Describe your product: Pick an option
  • Check for cloud compliance
  • Calculate Risks, Budget & Timeframe
  • Estimate operational costs

Post Assessment Outcomes

  • Architectural requirement insights
  • Cloud compliance and readiness report
  • ROI report
  • Risk evaluation report

In the era of SaaS, Organizations with keen concentration on investments are more likely to be at the competitive edge on a longer run and generate huge profits. So, a Cloud ROI calculator can help you establish value to business and develop your own business case.

So, take your assessment and get instant report. Get stared now!