Why Cloud-based Test Automation?

One of the key elements to accelerating software development is using Cloud Automation for testing. Following are the benefits of cloud-based automation testing.

Benefits of Cloud Automation Testing

Coverage in Platforms, Browsers and Devices

Cloud testing provides support for all the available platforms, browsers and devices.
Some cloud services support newer versions as soon as they are available in consumer markets.

Parallel Execution

Parallel execution of the same tests across browsers/devices and can be achieved.
Cloud providers have flexible plans for the number of parallel threads to choose from.


Cloud providers give options to increase or decrease the required configurations in & for a short period.
Some cloud services have options to choose licenses on a month-on-month basis.

Enables Continuous Delivery

Cloud services support CI tools like TFS, BitBucket pipeline, Jenkins, etc.
Using plug-ins, automated tests can be run immediately after any deployment and code changes.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Cloud computing allows payment to be made only for the actual time used.
No maintenance overhead as the service provider will be responsible for build, execution and updates.
Available as free version for open source projects.

Cloud Service Providers –
A Comparison

The proliferation of mobile devices in the market has pushed the software industry to create and maintain apps for every market need. Mobile testing is one of the most complex aspects of running an app and the job is not getting any easier with newer OS and version releases every other day.

For such a diverse landscape, cloud computing platforms offer a unified, dynamic and secure testing solution. A single cloud subscription platform can help testers connect thousands of mobile devices, with different device configurations, at one go. The increasing adoption of cloud testing methods has resulted in service providers offering diverse features, use cases and pricing models based solutions for the market.

Here is a table that compares several functionalities of three of the most prominent cloud-based mobile testing platforms - AWS Device Farm, Sauce Labs, Xamarin Test Cloud. This can serve as a guide for any company to make an informed decision over their cloud investments.

Cloud Service Providers

AFTA -Test Automation Framework that integrates with Cloud Environments

Automation Frameworks are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for companies that are looking not just for an immediate fix but to also withstand the challenges of future.

AFTA, Aspire’s Framework for Test Automation is flexible, scalable, and powerful and can ultimately ensure faster time-to-market while minimizing QA costs. AFTA supports integration with popular cloud environments like SauceLabs, AWS – device farm and BrowserStack. Through this, Aspire has successfully executed many cloud automation testing projects across supported cloud environments in various domains. To the left is a snapshot of AFTA.

Benefits of AFTA for Cloud Testing

Supports End to End Test Automation

Combines the power of functional test automation, API/Web service testing, Performance testing & Security testing.

Integrates with Continuous Delivery Tools
  • Facilitates Continuous Integration (Jenkins, TFS, etc.)
  • Integrates to SOAP UI, Jmeter, OWASP ZAP
  • Reuses web automation scripts for mobile web applications to a large extent
Integrates with Cloud
  • Integrates with Cloud Services like Sauce Labs for web, mobile testing & parallel cross browser testing with no scripting
  • Reduces test automation effort by 20% through pre-defined generic test scripts

AFTA - Improves Customer Value while boosting ROI

AFTA has helped several CIOs deliver timely and quality results, aimed at improving customer value while boosting return on their technology investment. For one of our customers, the world’s largest learning company with 40K employees in more than 70+ countries, we provided cloud-based automation testing for an online assessment solution. The test automation was done for 7 desktops and 7 devices. Following were the technology and tool stack. Below is a image on the ROI realized.

Automation Tool Stack

  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Java (Scripting)
  • Jenkins (CI)
  • Sauce Labs (Cloud Execution)
  • Rest Assured (API)

Technology Stack

  • Web Application
  • Responsive Design
  • iOS, Android & Windows mobile browser support
  • iOS, Android & Windows mobile browser support
Cloud Testing Services

Aspire’s Test Automation Consultation Services

Aspire provides test automation consulting services for organizations with different levels of test automation maturity. Our consulting packages are tailored to enable customers reap maximum benefit in test automation and reduce overall cost of quality.

Aspire’s consulting services are value driven and follows a collaborative approach. Our consulting package includes the following:

  • Kickstart test automation from scratch
  • Help identify suitable test automation tool strategy
  • Identify process improvement areas in test automation
  • Help transition to an Agile/DevOps model with Cloud-based testing
  • Piecemeal consulting on specific technical challenges