Banking and Financial Services

Data Culture

The growth of analytics and AI has made data collection and consumption at banks extremely critical. Our data culture ensures that banks can monetize every speck of data to create business insights about their processes and customers for a profitable ROI. Through an intensive data transformation and governance, we help all banks to gain insights from the past, advice on possible outcomes and understand the future while achieving a single view of the customer journey.

DevOps Culture

Aspire imparts the best DevOps practices at banks and helps you stay competitive across all the different products that you offer. Through our DevOps culture, banks can improve their time to market of different applications, while providing several other features such as

  • Implementation of ticketing systems
  • CI/CD solutions for reduction in development cycles
  • Automation of resource provisioning on cloud
  • Implementation of monitoring controls in production environment
  • Automatic deployments to target environments
  • Setup of multiple environments with restricted access control
  • Source code management tools in both on premise/cloud model

Open Banking Culture

Driven by regulations, technology and customer centricity, banks can now choose a secure Open Banking model to increase opportunities by 50%. Aspire’s open banking culture ensures a model that helps banks to bring their products – integrated with the top fintechs and third parties – faster to market than ever before. Aspire’s security provisioning also helps banks blow third party access through predicted analysis of past threats. With Aspire’s apt model, banks can choose a better future by expanding their reach to more customers through the Open Banking revolution.