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Cloud Enablement

Banks are turning to the cloud, employing it as a business asset to transform and reshape operating models, products and services. Cloud is the foundational factor for this digital change. Fintechs and banks are leveraging cloud services to offer customers personalized products at lower cost.

Common Challenges at the Bank

IT and Business misalignment

Legacy Technology Dependency


Data Sources

For these and other challenges, team up with Aspire, where we neutralize all types of threats and weaknesses before they materialize.

  • Design, develop and migrate applications developed for cloud using Microservices, containers and DevOps
  • Move Application to Target Cloud Platform
  • Re-platform and remediate applications to make them platform compliant and cloud-ready
  • Re-architect applications, to be delivered in more agile ways via automation services for Target Cloud
  • Find equivalent functionality and migrate to SaaS


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The Aspire Benefit

Cost Reduction and improved cost predictability

Better Operational Control of Platform

Increased security and control through automation

Agile application
release cycles

Elasticity to support on demand consumption

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Seamless cloud migration is now easy with ACME

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