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Where are you in the Automation Journey?

Make every Automation process, a successful one with Aspire’s Automation Finder

Powered by intelligence and continuous learning, our Automation Finder draws up the automation journey map for each of your banking processes. By keeping track of all desktop actions such as key strokes, pages visited, field entries, total process time and many data, you can automate every time-consuming, mundane processes of your bank.

Classify tasks based on ROI potential and operational efficiency based on process time and frequency

Leverage intelligence and technologies such as AI and machine learning to pinpoint bottlenecks


Facing lengthy lending cycles?

Save 80% loan processing time with Hyperlend

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Minimize loan processing time by 80% with Hyper-automation

Driven by a combination of automation and cognitive elements, make the shift from traditional lending systems to our modernized framework – Hyperlend. Its ability to automate end-to-end lending exchanges eliminates the need for manual paperwork, thereby providing seamless loan experiences.

Hyperlend's AI and RPA functionalities provides banks and financial institutions with cognitive validation and verification that assists loan officers in pre-screening applications.

It also features an API-enabled credit rating check along with an in-built loan classifier.

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Improve Customer Experience

Real time query resolution, easier onboarding and quicker decision making

Cost Efficiency

30% - 60% of cost saving through quicker turnaround


Automation fueled by cognitive technologies, the forefront of increasing digitalization across financial institutions

Data Streamlining

Data Streamlining

Audit & Regulatory Reporting

Easily retrievable data and automate regulatory reporting process

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