Banking and Financial Services

Customer 360°

Banks driven by excellent engaging customer relationships are the future. With an engaging, data driven solution, enable rich CRM tools and gain insights on campaign management, fraud analytics at banks and much more. Our Customer 360° solution, a best-in-class solution helps you deal with real-time, messy data so that you can derive insightful predictions.

  • Integrate real time data from multiple sources
  • Equip yourself with a real time CRM platform that leverages the latest technology
  • Obtain a real-time view of all your customers ‘all in one place’
  • Alert your customers on possible fraud based on past behavior.
  • Engage with your customers based on Customer 360° data

Customer Intelligence

With each interaction, customers digitally provide banks and financial institutions with millions of data on which they need to  act on. With such actionable intelligence, banks can get involved in customer segmentation and fraud detection analysis, which will give a lasting competitive advantage. At Aspire, we help banks achieve that competitive advantage by creating a customer intelligence platform that continually churns insights about the customer.

  • Sense trends and derive insights from structured and messy data
  • Build forecast models for ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Create value for customers through actionable customer intelligence
  • Understand and detect suspicious fraudulent activities
  • Segment customers accordingly to provide unique experiences to all

What’s the secret sauce to extracting quality insights?

Gain the complete spectrum of the need for cognitive banking and customer intelligence for your bank across all its operations and the ultimate journey to embark on a customer-first approach.

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