From siloed approaches of testing decades ago, testing services have evolved to become an integral part of the software development lifecycle backed by the advancement of tools and services, containers and APIs. This webinar highlights:

  • The relationship between automation and AI and its role in Quality Assurance
  • How organizations look to use Managed Testing Services
  • What enterprises will benefit from Managed Testing Services

Hyper-Testing and AI-powered AFTA reduces testing efforts by 91%

Aspire accomplishes an annual savings of $950,000 while decreasing 91% of testing efforts. As a prominent Media Broadcasting Solutions Provider in the USA, WideOrbit was facing difficulties in reducing their turnaround time incurred by a lack of testing capabilities. Powered by Hyper-Testing and AFTA, they were able to streamline the development and testing of their software applications.

What you can gain from Managed Testing Services

20% Improved Time to Market

Up to 50% Reduced Test Efforts

Up to 35% Cost Savings within the first year

End-to-End QA Ownership Across all IT Systems

Enhance Seamless Testing Processes with our Simple Four-step Approach