The need for a Digital Enterprise Application Development Accelerator

The enterprises of this digital era, amidst all the rampant digitization and rapid disruptions, have always ensured to give paramount importance to two factors:

  •   Superior User Experience- Offering consistent user experience to all the stakeholders by fulfilling the need for integrating and      consolidating multiple data sources.

  •   Faster Software Delivery- Ensuring uninterrupted software releases.

A solid digital application development framework can give them the freedom to build, modify or tear down programs in a jiffy and feeds incredible agility into the system.

Why PropelDE

Develop New Custom Applications Faster

PropelDE is a one-stop application development accelerator solution for enterprises to develop custom digital applications. Built-in with a wide range of development tools, PropelDE also lets applications inherit its robust architectural capabilities and has proven to cut down application development efforts by 70%.

This core accelerator solution, with its plug & play development framework, offers incredible flexibility for enterprises to build custom applications of any size and magnitude instantaneously. PropelDE’s innate cloud-neutrality further ensures that it is easier to get applications up and running practically anywhere.

The Framework


PropelDE, as an application development accelerator, has been built to unify the requirements and refine the functionalities that go into making custom applications in the most effective manner. Some of the crucial features of the framework that makes such efficiency possible include:

Core Components

From intelligent code generators to impeccable authorization structures, the PropelDE framework constitutes of the following core components:


Business Agility

Robust Application Development Accelerator to build scalable, centralized digital applications

Absolute Productivity

Technology-neutral Framework that ensures greater adaptability resulting in a 70% reduction in application development efforts

Enhanced Flexibility

Advanced Cloud Competence, with the ease of plug-and-play framework, for enhanced flexibility

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