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7 Flavours of devOps Implementation

From being laborious and silo-ed to being consolidated and collaborative, the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) has seen a steady evolution mirroring the temperament of the markets around the world.

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Open Source Tools for Mobile Automation

There was a time, well before the advent of smart phones, when websites and applications were only meant for computers. The ability to use applications and browse the web on mobile devices has opened doors to endless possibilities that we are enjoying today.

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Reduce Azure SQL Server cost up to 70% through ELASTIC POOLS

This whitepaper covers a feature called Elastic pools available in Azure SQL Server Database and the way it’s implemented for optimal utilization to make for cost-effective solutions. You will know how to determine the right methodologies for implementation to boost ROI.

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Hybrid Cloud Management With Servicenow

The demand for multiple public and private cloud platforms has been increasing significantly due to rapid growth in adoption of cloud by enterprises. Gartner says by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today.

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3 steps to deliver on omni-channel banking experiences

The term “omni-channel” may be an overused buzzword, but its pursuit is no longer optional for modern banks.

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Unified Digital Application Management Platform: A key component in Digital Transformation

There is no further need to stress the way that enterprises need to experience a digital change to remain significant to their business. Many are in the process of this journey and many have already moved pretty much ahead.

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Microservices: Fundamental for the forward-looking “Fintech Fraternity

In recent times, the term Microservices has gained immense popularity. It has found advocates in big players like Amazon, Netflix and Fintech companies like Capital One, Lending Club to name a few.

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Best Practices in Multi-Device Testing for Retail Applications

Before the intervention of Retail applications the term Retailer referred to a physical point of sale, where customers would have to visit to buy products. The options available to customers were very limited, and there wasn’t much of a satisfied customer experience.

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