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From Web health to m-Health-Why should you transform?

Mobile adoption is changing the way medicine is practiced today and there is a tremendous opportunity for healthcare software providers to offer their applications in mobiles/tablets. M-Health will act as a game changer in terms of differentiating organizations from competition, gaining customer satisfaction and eventually achieving revenue growth. This webinar will help you understand the opportunities and challenges in m-Health, top 7 mobility healthcare solutions and whole 9 yards on what it takes to go mobile.

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10 Considerations for ISV's moving to SaaS

With customers fast embracing the zero-capex, on-demand SaaS model, ISVs must re-align themselves to sustain customer demand. But there are numerous architectural, business and operational considerations to be made before migrating to SaaS, and this webinar shall help you understand and appreciate the top ten in the list.

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Transition to SaaS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Today, almost all traditional Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are hard pressed to have a SaaS strategy in their Product roadmap. However, the transition to SaaS is very demanding and requires a total paradigm shift in the ISV’s outlook, model, technology, organization and sales process. So, many Software “Product” vendors are confused and unsure of the right steps that can guarantee success in the Software-as-a-“Service” model.

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10 Ways to increase enterprise productivity using SharePoint

SharePoint works as a collaboration tool for the disconnected employees bringing them all together on a common platform. It also helps in managing the e-Content efficiently which can be searched in seconds and provides real-time dashboards for a consolidated view of different reports from various business units. In this session, we looked at the various common day scenarios which leads to the loss of overall enterprise productivity in organizations and how SharePoint can help solve those challenges.

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Managing Security Threat in SaaS: Essential "How To's"

Despite SaaS helping enterprises survive the economic downturn, uncertainties around security issues still seem to hamper SaaS adoption.

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Is (or Why is) SaaS the Survival Strategy in this Down Economy?

Despite the current gloomy economic climate, with IT budgets tightening and layoffs increasing, spending on software-as-a-service continues to grow in enterprise markets. Research from firms such as Gartner, IDC, and Softletter confirm this growth and predict that SaaS market expansion will continue despite the recesson. Why is SaaS continuing to grow while many traditional licensed and on-premise software companies suffer from declining profits and static market share?

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Panel discussion: Bootstrapping a Technology Start-up

Entrepreneurs who bootstrap typically go through trying times. Yet, bootstrapping your software business – being frugal and resource-constrained - has its own advantages. It can help you focus and prioritize, and get your product validated by customers before you consider other funding options.

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Test Maturity - Tweens, Teens, Twenties

Test Maturity is the overall efficiency of your QA team which in turn depends on the effectiveness of requirements gathering, test design, test planning, test execution, defect tracking and management processes. Aspire has successfully consulted hundreds of QA teams to improve their Test Maturity and we would like to share our knowledge through this webinar.

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