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Maximizing Oracle Applications Capabilities using Oracle SOA

Application integration is critical for enterprise to share data across business functions for effective management. Oracle Apps integration is key to leverage Oracle applications capabilities. The purpose of this webinar is to explain the need of mature integration between Oracle Apps using Oracle SOA Suite. Aspire Systems and Oracle jointly presented this webinar.

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5 things CIOs need to know before mobile-enabling

Mobile-enablement is more than just tailoring your website’s content to fit a smaller screen. There are several options and challenges involved in going the mobile route. Executives overseeing mobile initiatives need to be aware of the considerations – in order to get the maximum RoI from their mobile strategy. Listen to two experienced practitioners discuss key elements that will be crucial in your mobile strategy

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Transforming Education through Disruptive Technologies

IT budget cuts post-recession have forced organizations and institutions to streamline their training and learning activities using emerging cost-effective technologies like collaboration platforms, web based applications and the now buzzed Cloud Computing. However, this technology invasion is still nascent and various revolutionary concepts, like augmented reality and gesture based computing, are on the verge of becoming mainstream.

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Going On-Demand: IaaS, PaaS or Solution Accelerators?

SaaS has gained enormous momentum in the recent years. Almost all ISVs are considering SaaS in their Software roadmap – either a transition strategy or a hybrid strategy by adding a new product line to their existing suite of software products. Market trends also promise SaaS to be the “Future of Software”!

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Mobile, Cloud, and Agile – Wearing the QA head’s hat

Software testing is intensive enough to consume more than half of the total software development budget and QA heads are finding it very difficult to cope up with the burgeoning market trends like Agile, Mobility and Cloud. Driven by budget, time, and internal resources, QA heads are always contemplating on whether these trends are buzz words or these are going to impact building quality software. Listen to two experienced practitioners discuss on Emerging Trends in 2012, Challenges in Testing mobile and cloud based applications, Test Driven Development and Agile Testing.

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Building Software Solutions using Web 2.0 Technologies

Successful software vendors have always built products with a user-centric mindset. Traditionally, meeting the functional requirements of end-users would generally be adequate for a product's success. However, in today's Web 2.0 paradigm, it has become imperative for software vendors to design solutions that empower users in addition to addressing the basic functional needs. Hence, software vendors now build solutions that are more intuitive and allow users to access what they want instantly and at minimal number of clicks.

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SaaS: Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow

SaaS has been considered a "great invention and delivery model", but the bigger question is – Would SaaS be a universal fit for every software category? Can SaaS be suitable for an ERP software same as a CRM or a HCM software?

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Enterprise Architecture: Are you ready for the transformation?

Globalization and corporate competition are forcing many enterprises to take initiatives around process improvement, operational efficiency and cost reduction. IT modernization is considered as key tactic of business transformation. However, reports say that more than 80% of such transformational initiatives fail due to lack of strategy and planning. Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice puts forth blueprint, roadmap, disciplined standards and processes for organizations to achieve technology-fuelled business transformation. Would you be interested to know more?

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