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Web 2.0 for the Enterprise

While the revolution of Web 2.0 adoption entered enterprises few years ago, the utilization of Web 2.0 technologies for business (otherwise called Enterprise 2.0) still remains unclear in many organizations. Certain companies refrain from embracing Web 2.0 due to ambiguities in areas like ROI justifications, security related issues, etc.

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Delivering High Performance Systems

Due to globalization and digital revolution, the user base for software applications is exponentially increasing. This requires both the software vendors & enterprises to develop or purchase systems that are highly available, scalable and perform faster. Building such systems is no trivial task! These cannot be added to the system as an afterthought, but need to be designed into the system from the very beginning and measured and monitored both during development and in production.

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Essentials of User Experience Re-engineering

User experience is increasingly emerging as a key competitive advantage for software products. Software that meets the customer needs, but does not offer better usability, is not considered a winner anymore. Hence, it is critical today that software vendors and companies are able to provide their users a compelling user experience - by focusing on aesthetics, and factoring in the ease of use and efficiency of use. In response to market demand for systems that satisfy a growing and varied user community, usability re-engineering is becoming an increasingly important competitive issue. Check out the webinar recording to know more!

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Enterprise Product Frameworks: A sure-fire way to reduce development time, cost & bugs!

“How can I get my product to market quickly and still ensure that quality is intact?” This may seem like a common concern, but it is one that many ISVs (Independent software vendors) of all sizes still grapple with everyday. Product frameworks can be a significant part of the answer to this question.

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Managing Agile development : Best practices

Although agile methodologies have become a popular alternative to traditional methods, agile is still relatively new to many software organizations. Even among those who have adopted agile practices, many have not been successful in deriving real value from them. Having a clear understanding of agile engineering and management practices and being able to choose the ones that will deliver value for your specific needs are key to making agile development work for you.

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Is Test Automation right for you? Do your Math!

Since many organizations consider test automation as the next logical step towards establishing a mature QA program, it becomes imperative for them to understand the initial costs involved in test automation. They can then weigh those costs against the benefits they will avail, post automation.

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Software usability: Necessary evil or True differentiator?

The importance of usability engineering in software product development has grown in recent years. This is because many software vendors, software and internet-enabled businesses have begun to realize that the pay-off is huge if software is highly usable and is able to attract and retain its target audience. The converse is also true – a difficult-to-use product finds few takers. Usability has indeed become a differentiator for most successful products.

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Profitability: SaaS Versus On-Premise Solutions

SaaS is being increasingly adopted and is even considered a savior model in this economy due to the zero upfront CAPEX for buyers. Still the question remains if SaaS is a profitable model for solution providers? Regardless of the longer sales cycles, is the on-premise solution providing faster break-even?

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