Propel: A Software Development and Integration Framework

It includes plumbing layer components, software building blocks, and reusable components that allows for reduction in software development time by 30% and improves the robustness of products. Propel represents a new adaptive approach to crash your time to market. PropelJ, Propel.NET, PropelPHP, PropelQ are some of the solution accelerators.

Benefits of Propel include
  • Increased performance
  • More focus on business requirements
  • Reduced time to market
  • Stable & proven architecture for product/app development
  • Build MVP functionalities from day one
  • Reduced the technology R&D effort required for new Product technology or Product modernization

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TechCello – A SaaS Development Framework for Building Multi-Tenant Applications

TechCello is a tested and proven SaaS Multi-Tenant Framework built exclusively to meet the typical SaaS needs of your business and product. It can be used to design, develop and manage the operations of your SaaS product. It helps to build your product's business functionalities from DAY 1 without worrying about SaaS nitty-gritties. For more details, please visit www.techcello.com

SEChek: A Process Framework for Endless Software Excellence

For a software vendor with multiple versions of the product, SEChek helps to effectively measure the productivity of the software based on defined technical criteria.

Some highlights:
  • Works on legacy software and new/current development
  • Ensures Software engineering compliance with coding/design standards
  • Provides the Technical Health Index for each software
  • Enables shorter release cycles
  • Suitable for cloud-based development environment
Case Study

PropelJ saves 30% development time for a leading brand development company

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The New Agile that brings Software Engineering Excellence in the Cloud

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